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The HH44 is a groundbreaking newcomer to the market, designed for those seeking the perfect balance of style, performance, safety and innovation.

Built with state-of-the-art construction methods and developed with most advanced software, the HH44 is an unparalleled combination of luxury, performance and durability. The hybrid propulsion system and carbon construction make the HH44 the most environmentally friendly long-range catamaran in the world.

Ready to capture the hearts and minds of novice sailors and world cruisers alike. Catamarans can do so much better! HH does just that!


hh44 luxe carbon performance

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HH44 Performance

Champagne sailing

At 20 knots of wind any boat will do, but the polar diagram of the H44 shows 6 knots of boat speed already at 8 knots of wind.

In such winds and a flat sea, this is the real champagne sailing!

Innovations in the HH44

From the outset designed as an electric boat

HH are not retrofitted with electric engines, we designed the boats to be electric from the start. The carbon coach roof not only protects you from UV, it also carries more than 4 Kwh of solar panels. And since it’s carbon, the mainsail traveler is fitted there as well. Much safer, since it is far away from little fingers. With an optional electric line driver you can adjust the traveler by simply pushing a button. 

Safer, quieter

due to foldable transoms

Speaking of little fingers: due to the foldable transoms, the cockpit is safely closed during passage. This also reduces wake noise, and improves access to the water and dinghy at anchor.

Control under all circumstances

Due to swing helmstations

To protect from rain or UV, the helms can swing in- and outward. No need to climb a ladder to steer the boat. You are in the same area as the rest of your friends and family, making the skipper role a little less lonely! 

Where the living is easy

Light and ventilation

We build genuine boats for real sailing, but let’s be honest: 90% of the time we are onboard, we are not sailing. During those times your boat needs to be home to you and your family. The HH44 comes with large opening front windows and great ventilation, to create a welcoming atmosphere. 

Remarkable performance

Due to C-shaped daggerboards

The HH44 SC comes with C-shaped daggerboards, providing vertical lift and impressive sailing performance downwind and in light weather, allowing the HH44 to break records in competitive sailing in addition to comfort and safety.

The HH44 OC comes with keels, which can be fitted with winglets to create more lift. 


These are just some of the innovative ideas incorporated in this impressive new yacht.

HH44 boat tour

Join Jason and Nikki Wynn on their exclusive tour of a new HH44, before it is delivered to the client. A special chance to see the boat from all sides.

Watch more adventures of Gone with the Wynns on Youtube, including why they chose an HH44.


Whereas most catamarans are built of polyester, and the better ones of vinylester, HH consistently opts for epoxy. An osmosis-free hull that is much stronger. Joints, jumpers, trusses and bridge deck are carbon fibre.

HH44 SC or HH44 OC, which do you choose?


The HH44 OC is a fast, safe and comfortable family cruiser. The longeron and striker are epoxy, the mast and boom are aluminium.

The hulls are finished with white gelcoat and she has mini-skirts. These can be fitted with winglets. Their end-plate effect makes them more efficient. There is a difference in performance, which to my opinion is mainly found at the extremes: The SC daggerboard boats are faster in extremely light winds, or at the very end of the spectrum: above 25 knots of windspeed the daggerboards provide more lift, allowing for a higher end speed. 


The HH44 SC is an uncompromising sailor: rigging, longeron and striker are made of carbon and she has daggerboards.

The epoxy hulls can be painted any colour. The SC has hybrid propulsion as standard but this can of course be applied to the OC as well.

The design is the same as the OC and the construction method is also -like the OC- superior: all joints, the bridge deck, jumpers and trusses are made of carbon. The essential difference is in the SC’s daggerboards.

Eco Drive hybride propulsion

To avoid the vulnerability of standard hybrid propulsion,  HH have no generator on board!

Instead, the ship is equipped with two classic diesel engines. These drive a propeller shaft,  avoiding a vulnerable saildrive. Two 10Kw electric motors are installed on the propeller shafts. To drive the propeller shafts, you choose between the electric engine or the diesel. It sounds simple because it is: simple! 

When sailing, the system automatically goes into regeneration mode. About 1 Kw per engine is generated per hour under sail. To recharge empty batteries as quickly as possible, a switch disconnects the propeller shaft. The diesels then generate 5Kw per hour, per engine.


Of course, you choose the styling of your interior!
To get you started, our stylists have created 5 examples.

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