Our yards

Go anywhere yachts

Top class in build quality, safety and sailing comfort

Rossinante works exclusively with yacht yards that always put their customers’ needs and safety first.

Construction supervision

For 20 years I have supervised the purchase and construction of Grand Large’s yachts: Outremer, Garcia, Allures and RM. However, these yards are increasingly profiling themselves as serial builders.


Increasingly, therefore, we are adopting a project-based approach, involving the same French engineers and architects, as well as German and Dutch shipyards. If you would like to discuss your project I would love to hear from you!


Luxurious aluminum expedition yachts

Garcia specializes in luxury, safe vessels that are as at home in the tropics as they are in colder regions. Samen met Jimmy Cornell ontwikkelden wij de Garcia 45, welke als een van de eersten de Noord-West Passage bezeilde.


Luxury cruisers with variable draft

Allures builds luxury, safe and comfortable yachts that find port anywhere in the world. The variable draft allows Allure’s ships to explore many more areas than other boats of the same class.


Compostite ocean sailors winning races

Thanks to their composite construction method, RM yachts are blazing fast, light and stiff, without compromising on safety and longevity. This makes for a unique racer/cruiser that wins races by day and provides all the comfort for a the whole family at night.